"Grandma's Sex Handbook encourages women to accept and embrace their sexuality as God's natural design. It is well organized and extremely thorough, written in a conversational tone that puts readers at ease.

"...a forthright and honest exploration of nearly every aspect of sexuality between couples..."

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Grandmaís Sex Handbook provides comprehensive, explicit sexual advice to couples both married and engaged. It focuses specifically on sex and not marriage in general, and although it is by Christians and primarily for Christians, it is not a book about faith. Sex is only one of many factors in making a strong marriage, but it's a very important one.

Grandma's book is based on explicit sexual advice thatís been passed down from grandmother to granddaughter (and granddaughter-in-law) for at least eight generations, usually 2 weeks before marriage, and it's built around 2 principles: Itís okay for a wife to enjoy sex, and a wife should keep her husband satisfied sexually. Are you surprised that many Christian women have trouble enjoying sex due to doubts about whatís okay in bed and whatís not? Most wives want to satisfy their husbands, but you canít do your best at that if you donít enjoy sex. Why? Itís the difference between willing and wanting.

You may be willing to have sex any time your husband asks for it, but that alone puts too much pressure on him Ė if he always has to initiate sex, it can lead him to feel like heís imposing, which in turn, leads him to be reluctant to ask. Always or usually getting sex when he asks for it may relieve his physical hunger, but having a wife who wants to have sex with him will satisfy your husbandís emotional needs like nothing else can. You need to enjoy sex, for your husbandís sake as well as your own!

So most of Grandmaís sex advice is focused on why and how to be a vixen in the bedroom and help married couples enjoy sex as God intended. It includes a glossary and index, and personal stories enhance many of the topics, with a feature explanation of the difference between sexual fantasy and lust. Once you clearly understand that difference, youíll also be able to enjoy the last chapter, Grandmaís Sex Fantasy Cookbook, which is a collection of hundreds of Grandmaís favorite sex fantasy recipes.

Available in softcover, hardback, and eBook.

* A Family Tradition of Sex
* Grandma Who?
* Sex Advice Summary
* Before Marriage
* Basic Sex
* What's Wrong With Sex
* What's Right With Sex
* Fantasy vs. Lust
* Pornography
* Masturbation
* Great Sex
* Wild Sex
* Sex Fantasy Cookbook
* Glossary
* Index

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