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...as a 40 year old, having grown up in and around the catholic church, I could identify with the basic premise of this book - what does sex represent to me as a woman? And what is okay and NOT okay about it. This book takes away the "perceived shame" of having and enjoying sex with your better half. It is loaded with wonderful ideas as to how to attract, engage and enjoy sex - for both hubby and you, effectively stripping away so much of the shame that can be associated with a healthy and happy sex life with your hubby. I like that this book is direct, nononsense and honest and the writing is easy to understand and made me feel comfortable with the entire subject.
By Tina (Montreal, Quebec), July 9, 2009

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Grandma's Sex Handbook cover

* A Family Tradition of Sex
* Grandma Who?
* Sex Advice Summary
* Before Marriage
* Basic Sex
* What's Wrong With Sex
* What's Right With Sex
* Fantasy vs. Lust
* Pornography
* Masturbation
* Great Sex
* Wild Sex
* Sex Fantasy Cookbook
* Glossary
* Index

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