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A Family Tradition Of SexCollapse/Expand
An introduction as to how this book came to be, who it is for, and why it talks about what it talks about.
Grandma Who?Collapse/Expand
Grandma Anne is the author, but she had a great deal of help from many of her other relatives, especially Grandmas Brenda, Caroline, Dora, Elizabeth, Flora, Heather, Jennifer, Kelly, Lily, Nora, Rachael, Theodora, Victoria, and Yvette. Plus Grandma "Synthia" who represents consensus views and the contributions of other family members. This chapter tells you a little bit about the women behind these pseudonyms, and why you might be interested in their sex advice.
Grandma’s Sex Advice SummaryCollapse/Expand
There's a lot of information in this book, and this chapter sets the focus for everything that follows.
Before MarriageCollapse/Expand
    Sex Before Marriage
The Sexual Meltdown
Promiscuous Sex
Sexual Significance
Winning Ways
Engagement & Marriage
Basic SexCollapse/Expand
    The Female World
Female Anatomy
The Female Reproductive Cycle
Female Erogenous Zones
Female Sexual Response Cycle
    The Male World
Male Anatomy
Male Erogenous Zones
Male Sexual Response Cycle
    Types Of Sex
Teasing / Flirting
Foreplay / Petting
Manual Sex
Oral Sex
Vaginal Intercourse
Anal Intercourse
Other Forms Of Sex
    Sex Positions
Family Planning
Getting Pregnant
Contraceptive Myths
Unplanned Pregnancy
What’s Wrong With Sex?Collapse/Expand
    Normal Limits
    Abnormal Sex
Dangerous Sexual Behavior
Compulsive Sexual Behavior
Excessive Sexual Behavior
What’s Right With Sex?Collapse/Expand
    The Advantages Of Sex
    The Principle Of Godly Sex
Fantasy vs. LustCollapse/Expand
This is one of the most misunderstood topics of all time...
sexual fantasy is not the same thing as lust, and this chapter explains the difference.

    The Problem
    The Biblical Meaning of Lust
    Thinking About Sex
    Sexual Fantasy
    Fantasy In God’s Design
    What is Pornography?
    Growing Use And Acceptance
    Why Porn?
    The Bible on Pornography
    Advantages And Disadvantages
Negative Effects
Positive Effects
    Is Porn Okay?
    The Reality Of Masturbation
    Who Masturbates?
    Is Masturbation Okay?
Some Recent History Of Christian Perspectives On Masturbation
Objections of Conscience
    Advantages of Masturbation
    Female Masturbation
Female Masturbation Techniques
How To Reach Orgasm
    Male Masturbation
How A Man Masturbates
Great SexCollapse/Expand
    Beyond Basic Sex
    Honeymoon Sex
    Devoted Sex
Mastering the Quickie
Comfort Sex
Sensuality Improvement Guide
    Pregnant Sex
Nipple Conditioning
    Sex After Children
    Senior Sex
    Alternative Sex
¾ Sex
Tenderness Sex
Sex Hibernation
Problems Affecting Sex
Wild SexCollapse/Expand
You don't have to do any of the things in this chapter to have a great sex life. But you can if you want to, and for some couples it can add some spice to your private bedroom activities (or wherever you choose to employ them).
    Cheating With Your Husband
    The Appeal of Heels
    Edgy Locations
    Sex Talk
Explicit Language Acclimation Guide
Naughty Language
Slow-Start Naughty Language Guide
Rapid-Start Naughty Language Guide
    Grandma’s Ooo-aah Club
    Sex Tech
Sex Toys
Sex Games
Remote Sex
    Advanced Sex Fantasies
Gender-Reversal Fantasy
Immoral Fantasy
Dangerous Fantasy
    Erotic Math
Sex Fantasy CookbookCollapse/Expand
Grandma's cookbook has over 100 sex fantasy scenarios, with over 200 recipes, all tested and approved by Grandma Synthia. Each recipe presents the ingredients as short descriptions of the roles a husband and wife can each play in a sexual fantasy. You can play out a fantasy just in your mind as you're having sex, or you and your spouse can share a fantasy by pretending the same story at the same time. Before you read this chapter, you really need to read the chapter on Fantasy vs. Lust first, to make sure you understand the difference.
For each recipe: Serving size = 2; Calories = net loss.
Recommended Reading
Glossary of Sexual Terms
Grandma's Sex Handbook cover

* A Family Tradition of Sex
* Grandma Who?
* Sex Advice Summary
* Before Marriage
* Basic Sex
* What's Wrong With Sex
* What's Right With Sex
* Fantasy vs. Lust
* Pornography
* Masturbation
* Great Sex
* Wild Sex
* Sex Fantasy Cookbook
* Glossary
* Index

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