Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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Fantasy In God's Design

God designed us with imaginations. He built imagination into us. And remember in Genesis 1:27 where it says he created us in his own image? He used His imagination to do that!

We use our imaginations from earliest infancy until we die, or at least until our brains quit working, and normal imagination for adults includes sexual fantasy. Put another way, normal people fantasize, and normal people who have sex fantasize about sex.

So, let's put that into a recap of everything we've covered in this chapter:

  • Sex is normal.
  • Fantasy is normal.
  • Sexual fantasy is normal.
  • Sexual fantasy is not lust!
  • Lust is real-life.
  • Fantasy is make-believe.
  • Lust is a real-life desire for prohibited sex.
  • Prohibited sex is sex with a person other than your spouse or with an animal.
  • A real-life desire for sex with your spouse is not lust.
  • Real-life thoughts of sex with a potential spouse is not lust if the desire is constrained by a stronger desire to wait until after marriage.
  • In Biblically acceptable sexual fantasy, there are no restrictions on topics, issues, ideas, or even reality.

    God gave us imagination, and it's okay to enjoy it, even during sex. Especially during sex!

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