Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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Winning Ways

Okay, what if you think you've found the perfect match for you, but he doesn't seem to be coming around. What should you do?

Be yourself. Smile. Encourage him. Be kind to him. Consider asking him straight-out what he thinks about marrying you. Consider asking him to marry you. And if you learn with difficulty that he's not the right man for you, do your best to deal with the pain head-on.

Let Grandma assure you that you should never try to catch a man. Don't try to pretend to be someone you're not or behave in a way you think he'd like if that isn't really like you. Don't try to seduce a man into sex in the hopes he will then ask you to marry him. Don't try to get pregnant in the hope that he'll ask you to marry him. Don't try to beg, guilt, shame, needle, or nag him into marriage. Why not? Because if you succeed, you'll regret it. If you have to do these kinds of things to get him, he's the wrong guy for you.

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