Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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Sexual Significance

How spiritual a person is has a major impact on their perspective on the act of sex. At one extreme, an atheist may regard sex as nothing more than a physical act with no significance other than satisfying a physical hunger. On the other extreme, a very spiritual person may regard sex as primarily a sacred act that only incidentally happens to occur in the physical realm. In the center is a balanced position that regards sex as a natural act that includes a spiritual aspect.

The significance that a person attaches to sex influences, and may even control, many of their actions in life: who they're attracted to, who they marry, whether or not they have sex without marriage, their reaction to rape (such as anger or denial), etc.

The significance that a man and woman each attach to sex also has an impact on their suitability as spouses. A man and woman with attitudes at opposite extremes are the least compatible, and this can be a major factor in the early success or failure of a marriage.

Grandma Jennifer: The significance that a person attaches to sex may change over time, and if the marriage of a couple who are far apart in their perspectives can survive long enough, their perspectives may move closer to each other.
Most commonly, a promiscuous person who regards sex primarily as a physical act, and a virgin who regards sex primarily as a spiritual act may both come to regard sex as much more of a natural act. The experience of the promiscuous may lead one to feel jaded that they missed something valuable in their limited perspective. Similarly, when a heavily spiritual person has sex with a spouse on a regular basis, and perhaps has children, the mundaneness of married sex may lead them to feel that they overestimated the spiritual aspect of sex.

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