Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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Sex Before Marriage

Some people seem to think that having a high percentage of single people engaged in sexual activity is a recent occurrence. In the United States, especially, many people look at the reputation of the 1960's and the age of "free-love" as a point when pre-marital sex increased dramatically.

While there is some truth in that idea, it is also true that young people in love have always been tempted by sex, and there have always been large numbers of them who caved in to their carnal desires.

As part of life, these people eventually grew up and had children of their own, and when their children became old enough to get interested in the opposite sex, some of these grown-ups actually remembered the temptations they faced when they themselves were young. And some of the grown-ups occasionally considered that perhaps, just maybe, young people might still experience sexual temptations, and perhaps, just maybe, the grown-ups could help the young people avoid some of the mistakes they made when they were young.

That's the purpose of this section of advice. First for those who want to avoid sex before marriage, then for the sexually promiscuous, and finally we have some thoughts on the significance of sex to people with different perspectives.

The most common mistake for couples who want to remain virgins until their wedding night is undoubtedly what we call the Sexual Meltdown...

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