Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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You were in love, and now you're not. Or you're still in love, but the man you love has turned his heart away from you. Or you're still in love and the man you love is still in love with you, but you now know that you are not right for each other. In every case, your heart may ache beyond what you think you can endure.

Don't compromise. Don't settle. Don't marry too soon just to get married. Do what you know is right, no matter how hard it is. Because no matter how hard it is to do right, it is not as hard and not as painful as doing the wrong thing.

Cry all you want. Cry all you need. But a better day is coming for you. Days so full of joy they really will make the pain you feel today fade into a distant memory. When you are up to it, start exploring again, then start matching again. The right person is out there for you. You can make it. You will make it.

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* Before Marriage
* Basic Sex
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