Chapter Four: Before Marriage

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Until my family and I began writing down Grandma's sex advice, it never covered advice about such things as deciding who to marry. It was advice specifically about sex, given right before marriage.

The writing process, however, eventually involved at least as much discussion as writing, and we lost count of how many times a comment included something like, "I wish I had known before I got engaged…" As a result, we decided to add this chapter to provide our collective experience and wisdom, such as it is, on these topics of great importance to women before they get engaged to be married.

First we'll talk about several aspects of having sex before marriage, and then we'll talk about the issues involved with dating and the processes that eventually lead to marriage.

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* A Family Tradition of Sex
* Grandma Who?
* Sex Advice Summary
* Before Marriage
* Basic Sex
* What's Wrong With Sex
* What's Right With Sex
* Fantasy vs. Lust
* Pornography
* Masturbation
* Great Sex
* Wild Sex
* Sex Fantasy Cookbook
* Glossary
* Index

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